The Problem.

When Barb's first granddaughter was born in 2015, Barb quickly realized that she couldn't unbuckle her car seat because of arthritis in her thumb. Car seat buckles require 9 lbs of pressure, so kids can't unbuckle themselves (Yay!) But this meant she couldn't take her new granddaughter out in the car, which was disappointing, and not safe (Boo!) She was excited to take her new granddaughter out of the house, and had to find a way.

The Solution.

Barb is an Occupational Therapist and spent her career adapting equipment for patients with disabilities of the hand. She was the perfect person to solve her own problem! She invented UnbuckleMe, a small tool that uses leverage to make car seat buckles easier. Her daughter Becca saw her mom's invention, and thought it was genius. She suggested they market their invention, and the rest... is history.

Spreading the Word.

Barb & Becca have achieved national distribution with their patented UnbuckleMe invention. In addition to grandparents with arthritis, moms with long nails and families with kids in the 3rd row are raving about this game-changing tool. Barb & Becca appeared on ABC's Shark Tank in 2020, and received offers from all 5 sharks! They have been featured in BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, NBC, USA Today and consistently ranked as a top car seat accessory on Amazon.

The Next Chapter.

Barb & Becca are continuing to grow their business. They have partnered with other small businesses to curate a collection of smart, safe products to make traveling with kids & car seats easier. They are SO excited about their newest product launch, the Totebook! Join their email & text list or follow them on Instagram or TikTok to hear more updates!