The Original Car Seat Buckle Release Tool

UnbuckleMe® is so effective because of its unique design that uses leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle a child’s car seat. This proprietary design has been patented in the United States to B&B Solutions LLC, dba UnbuckleMe®.

Issued Patents

US 11,498,192 - Issued Nov 2022

US 11,389,938 - Issued July 2022

US 10,994,396 - Issued May 2021

US 10,500,702 - Issued Dec 2019

US 10,213,910 - Issued Feb 2019

(All utility patents claim priority filing date of Sept 2016)

US D841416 - Applied Aug 2017 / Issued Feb 2019

Additional Intellectual Property

B&B Solutions LLC has additional utility patents pending. The trade name “UnbuckleMe” is also a Registered Trademark of B&B Solutions LLC, dba UnbuckleMe®.

Registered Trademark #87345800 – Issued Dec 2017

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