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Unbuckle Me Patented Car Seat Buckle Release Tool

The Original Car Seat Buckle Release Tool

UnbuckleMe® is so effective because of its unique design that uses leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle a child’s car seat. This proprietary design has been patented in the United States to B&B Solutions LLC, dba UnbuckleMe®.

Issued Patents Include:

  • US 10,213,910 – Applied Sept 2016 / Issued Feb 2019
  • US 10,500,702 – Applied Sept 2016 / Issued Dec 2019
  • US D841416 – Applied Aug 2017 / Issued Feb 2019

B&B Solutions LLC has additional utility patents pending. The trade name “UnbuckleMe” is also a Registered Trademark of B&B Solutions LLC, dba UnbuckleMe®.

Registered Trademark #87345800 – Issued Dec 2017

All content on this website (, including both written copy and photography, as well as any content shared on UnbuckleMe® social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is copyrighted material to B&B Solutions LLC, dba UnbuckleMe® and may not be used without express permission.


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Real customers say

I love this tool!

My 5 year old is now able to get himself (and his brother) out of his 5 point harness. This is huge since we are headed to kindergarten and I need him to be able to get out on his own in the drop off line.

Emily H.

Absolutely perfect product!

It does exactly what it is supposed to do and has made my life so much easier! With 6 grandchildren under the age of 5, it's a lifesaver! Thank you!

Symone S.

I'm thrilled with my gadget

This simple little tool has ended my "fear" of child car seats. The buckles are a "nail breaker" and nearly impossible for me to release.

Linda G.

No more broken nails

Love this. I've had so much trouble unbuckling our grandbabies seat belts. This helps so much.

Elaine B.

Simple to use

My wife and I bought two for our parents. They made an immediate impact with the ease for our parents to get the their grandkids out of the car seats. They both leave them in their cars so they always have them.

Brian R.

What a life saver!!

This is the best purchase I have made by far. My grandson loves it, because every time I use it he says, go G`Ma you did it. I recommend the UnbuckleMe to everyone who uses a car seat. 

Catherine C.
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