Where can I buy UnbuckleMe?

Right here! Free US shipping on orders of $50+ and free returns. UnbuckleMe can also be found at hundreds of baby and gift shops across the US, Canada and a growing number of international locations. You can also find it at Walmart, Target, Amazon or buybuyBABY.

Where can I track my order?

Check your email (and possibly spam folders) for your order confirmation with links to track your order. If you created an account with us, you can always log in and check your order status. If you can't find this information, send us a message at info@unbuckleme.com or click the chat button on this website for assistance and we can look up your order for you!

What is your return policy?

We are happy to offer free returns for undamaged products. Please visit here to start the return process.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, we ship internationally where USPS can deliver. We charge $13 flat rate international shipping. We also work with many retailers in Canada that may have local stock, to reduce shipping expense. These include Amazon, buybuyBABY, Snugglebugz, and many more coming soon.

You can also visit Clek to see our exclusive UnbuckleMe for Clek version!

How can I contact you?

We are very accessible! Please email info@unbuckleme.com. Or use the ‘message’ feature on our website to send us a message. Please note that we cannot always respond immediately to chat messages, but we will respond as soon as possible.

I've seen similar products on Amazon. Is UnbuckleMe the original?

Yes. UnbuckleMe is the original, and we told our story on Shark Tank in May 2020. UnbuckleMe was the first product to file patents in 2016 and received utility and design patents issued in 2019. We are continually working to defend our intellectual property. There are other products on the market that appear similar but none use leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle, while also not attaching to the car seat, for safety. UnbuckleMe is also the only product with a non-slip grip for comfort and stability.

What is UnbuckleMe made from?

The body of UnbuckleMe is made from a lightweight plastic material. The top handle is covered with a softer, “grippy” material to provide greater comfort and stability. All materials are BPA free and tested to withstand very high/low temperatures.

Will UnbuckleMe work on all car seats?

As far as we know, yes. UnbuckleMe has been tested across a range of car seats and push-button buckle shapes, including Graco, Chicco, Britax, Clek, UPPAbaby, Nuna, Recaro, Diono, Maxi-Cosi, Cosco, Evenflo, and many others. It was not designed to work on buttons that do not require a single-button push from the front (e.g., slide action buckles).

Where should I keep UnbuckleMe?

It is important that UnbuckleMe is readily accessible to use when you need it, but also remains out of reach of children when not in use. We recommend storing in the side-door or seat-back pocket of your car, although many customers prefer to attach to a keychain, or drop in a purse or diaper bag.

Can I attach UnbuckleMe to the car seat?

No, this is not recommended. Car seat manufacturers and Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) prohibit any after-market items to be attached to the car seat, and doing so may cause safety risks or void your car seat warranty. UnbuckleMe was designed to be used under adult supervision, and should remain out of reach of children when not in use.

Can children use UnbuckleMe to release themselves?

Yes! Children 4+ yrs old children usually have the dexterity to use this product to unbuckle themselves (or their siblings), under adult supervision. It is still recommended to store UnbuckleMe out of reach of children when not in use.

Does UnbuckleMe work on strollers and high chairs?

Possibly. UnbuckleMe has been tested on a range of push-button high chairs and strollers and works well. However, these buttons are far less standardized and vary by manufacturer, so we have not been able to test them all.

Does UnbuckleMe work on adult car seat belt buckles?

UnbuckleMe was not designed for adult car seat belt buckles, which are oriented vertically and are depressed using extended fingers, rather than the thumb. We do not suggest that UnbuckleMe will be effective in assisting people who struggle with adult vehicle car seat belt buckles.

Where is UnbuckleMe made?

UnbuckleMe was designed by a mother & daughter in Houston, Texas and is manufactured in both the USA and China.

Is UnbuckleMe patented?

Yes! UnbuckleMe is patented in the US with utility and design patents #10,213,910, #10,500,702 and D841416S. Read more about our intellectual property here. Additional patents are pending.

Does My Travel Tray fit all car seats?

We've tested My Travel Tray on most car seats and boosters in the USA that have cup holders attached. It fits inside the vast majority, but please check our compatibility list here. If you are having trouble fitting My Travel Tray, make sure that you have removed the detachable larger cup that is suctioned to the bottom of the tray. Pull hard, or use soap and warm water to separate. This will allow it to fit in smaller cup holders. If you're still having trouble, please email us.

What is the diameter of the Travel Tray cup holder?

The diameter of the inner cup holder is 2.5". This inner size is not adjustable. The tray comes with an outer cup holder attachment to accommodate larger cup holders.

What if My Travel Tray doesn't fit my car seat?

If you are having trouble fitting My Travel Tray, make sure that you have removed the detachable larger cup that is suctioned to the bottom of the tray. Pull hard, or use soap and warm water to separate. This will allow it to fit in smaller cup holders, and the attachment piece can be used for larger cup holders. Each tray also comes with a grippy rubber band that can be added to the cup holder to enable a tighter fit.

Does the cup holder on My Travel Tray separate from the tray?

The standard cup holder part does not separate from the travel tray. There is an optional larger cup holder that comes attached to accommodate larger cup holders, and this can be added or removed as needed. It is suctioned and can be removed by pulling hard, or by using soap and warm water.

Is the height adjustable on My Travel Tray?

No, the height is not adjustable on the tray. The cup holder sinks into a standard cup holder and the tray will extend outwards from the top of the cup holder.

Who manufactures the RideSafer Travel Vest?

The RideSafer Travel vest was invented and created by Hoon Y. Kim, who founded Safe Traffic System (STS) in Franklin Park, Illinois in 2000. STS launched its 1st generation of RideSafer® in 2004, creating a big buzz among child safety professionals and the media. UnbuckleMe is now selling the Gen5 vest as an authorized distributor. To learn more about Safe Traffic Systems, visit their website.

What is the difference between the RideSafer Travel Vest and a belt positioning booster?

A booster seat elevates the child to the level of the adult seat belt. The Ride Safer Travel Vest optimizes the existing vehicle seat belt system to protect the child by keeping a low center of gravity and allowing the vehicle seat belt and seat cushion to manage the crash forces.The belt guides place the seat belt into correct pre-crash position and move with the child.

Doesn't my 3 year old need to be in a 5 point harness?

The RideSafer Vest has been crash tested and certified for children as young as 3 yrs old and 30 pounds. That said, as a child passenger safety technician (CPST), I do recommend that if a child has a 5-point harness that is installed properly, he/she continues to use it as the primary restraint, especially if they can ride rear-facing, and use the RideSafer Vest for all those times when moving the car seat is not convenient or practical. I also recommend that the vest is used with the tether strap, which offers the added support and protection of the tether when used in addition to the lap-shoulder belt.

Is the RideSafer Travel vest legal in my state?

Yes! The RideSafer is a legal alternative to belt positioning boosters in all States that do not require the child’s body to be elevated off the vehicle seat and when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. To learn more about the RideSafer manufacturer, please visit their website here.

Can I use the RideSafer Travel Vest if my car has inflatable seat belts?

Yes! Safe Traffic System does permit the use of Inflatable Seat Belts with the Ride Safer Travel Vests.

Do I have to use the crotch strap or pillow on the RideSafer vest?

No. The crotch strap is not required for use as long as the child is mature enough to sit upright during the entire trip.

No. The neck pillow is optional. It is there for the comfort of the child. If you do use it it goes behind the neck.

Does the resqme tool work on all windows?

The resqme® tool is effective only against clear and tinted tempered glass. Tempered glass is commonly used in rear and side car windows. The resqme® tool does NOT work on laminated glass. Laminated windows which are typically used for windshields can also be found on some car models. To check to see what your side windows are made of, locate the sticker on your side windows to see if it is designated as “Tempered” glass. If you are unable to locate the sticker or the information is not understandable, please call your car manufacturer.

How do I know the type of glass used in my car?

Most sunroofs and rear windows are tempered. To figure out what kind of glass is in the side window of your car, you can look in the bottom corner. There may be a label that says “tempered” or “laminated.” If not, roll down the window and look at it from a bird’s-eye view. If it’s smooth and looks like one piece, it’s tempered. If it looks like a sandwich with a ridge, it’s laminated.

Is the resqme reusable?

Yes. The spring-loaded spike resets automatically and can be used multiple times. The blade is very durable and can easily perform multiple seat belt cuts.

How can I test the resqme tool?

If you’re going to test the window breaker on a car glass window, be sure to wear safety gloves and goggles. Alternatively, you can test the window breaker on a hard surface like a notepad or a piece of wood. When the spring-loaded spike is released, you will hear a “click.” After you lift up the tool again, another spring resets the spike so you can use it again. You will see a small dent where the tip of the spike met the testing surface. The seatbelt cutter blade is very sharp and will easily cut through seatbelts. Hold the seatbelt tape taut and pull the tool toward you, cutting it diagonally.

Can the resqme accidentally release?

The resqme® tool will not accidentally deploy and cannot be triggered while you carry it on your keychain, pocket, or bag. In order to release the spring-loaded spike, 12 pounds of force needs to be intentionally applied to the tool. Do not press the head of the tool against your fingers to test it. With enough force, the spike will release and likely cause physical injury.

Can I bring resqme on an airplane in my carry-on luggage?

The TSA has not evaluated the resqme® tool nor listed it on the forbidden items list. Due to its size and design, it does not show up in X-rays. However, considering it contains a blade, we recommend you pack the resqme® tool in your checked luggage to avoid the risk of confiscation.

Does Clever Elly work on all cars?

We are temporarily working with the manufacturer on a bug that affects certain vehicles. It causes Clever Elly to remind when the car is started, not when the car is turned off (the opposite of how it is designed). The Clever Elly team is working diligently to fix this bug, but in the meantime, check our compatibility list. If your vehicle is not on this list, go ahead and purchase, but message us and we will make sure to send you a replacement part that is guaranteed to work in your vehicle. Thank you for your patience!

How does the Clever Elly Door Sensor work?

Please read here for more information about the Clever Elly Door Sensor.

Is the volume adjustable on Clever Elly?

No, the volume comes from a speaker within Clever Elly. It has been designed to be loud enough for all passengers to hear, but it cannot be adjusted.

Where can I learn more about car seat safety?

Please visit SafeKids Worldwide for more information and local resources about car seat safety. Becca, the co-inventor of UnbuckleMe, is a Child Passenger Safety Technician and is passionate about supporting and promoting car seat safety. Child Passenger Safety is only one aspect of protecting your children in their everyday environments. Visit this article for a complete list of home health hazards, designed to arm families with all the safety information they need in one spot.

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UnbuckleMe is the perfect product!

It does exactly what it is supposed to do and has made my life so much easier! With 6 grandchildren under the age of 5, it's a lifesaver! Thank you!

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My Travel Tray is the Best Idea!

My boys LOVE IT! They think it’s so cool to have their own “table” in their car seat and this mama is happy with less crumbs on the floor!

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I'm thrilled with my UnbuckleMe

This simple little tool has ended my "fear" of child car seats. The buckles are a "nail breaker" and nearly impossible for me to release.

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What a life saver!!

This is the best purchase I have made by far. My grandson loves it, because every time I use it he says, go G`Ma you did it. I recommend the UnbuckleMe to everyone who uses a car seat. 

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