Water Safety Tips for your Kids this Summer

Water Safety Tips for your Kids this Summer

In 2018, our Co-Founder Becca Davison became nationally certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). This 40 hour training ignited a passion within our business to contribute awareness, education and knowledge about child passenger safety and childhood injury prevention. We've been lucky enough to gain the attention of parents, grandparents and caregivers with our products, and we want to use that platform for good.

Today, we're talking about water safety. Becca recently volunteered at a local Houston community event sponsored by CoolxDad and Tankproof, in collaboration with SafeKids, Texas Children's Hospital Injury Prevention Team and Buckle Up for Life. This event focused on water safety for Dads & Kids, and with Summer upon us, we are eager to pass along some of the important tips we heard:

  • EYES ON THE KIDS. It sounds simple, but dangers around water can happen in an instant. Make a plan for an adult to always watch the kids. If you're at a party or crowded space, assign an adult and take turns so that everyone can relax and enjoy the event, and the kids are supervised at all times.
  • LEARN TO SWIM. Learning to swim is not a 1 day thing, or even a 1 week thing. It takes repeated instruction, and consistent practice. Make a commitment to seek professional lessons for your child (it's never too early, and it's also never too late!)
  • MISSING KID? CHECK WATER FIRST. We've all been there... you turn around for a second and your child has wandered off. When water is involved, check there first. Seconds and minutes count. Rule out the pool first, then search in other places.
  • WEAR LIFE JACKETS. This is especially critical in open water. Even if your child is a confident swimmer, unexpected things can happen to jeopardize your child's safety (i.e., a bumped head, kids rough-housing). Make it a habit to always wear a life jacket in open water, or for new swimmers.
  • LEARN CPR. This should be a required course in school, right? It's a critical lifesaving technique that everyone should know. Consider taking a class to refresh your knowledge and be prepared to save a life. Find a class at the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, or the Expedition School. Our friend and fellow CPST Holly Choi also offers online CPR classes

There are several other important tips for staying safe around water, and we recommend visiting Colin's Hope as a comprehensive resource for learning more about these tips, and many others. 

We hope this helps you prepare for a FUN PACKED summer with your kids! Remember to also drink water, wear sunscreen and enjoy these days of sunshine!

Becca Davison is the Co-Founder of UnbuckleMe. She is a nationally certified child passenger safety technician (CPST) who volunteers locally in Houston for various childhood injury prevention organizations.

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