Vacation Ideas for Retired People

Vacation Ideas for Retired People

Once the kids are grown and out of the house, you may find yourself ready to start making new plans to explore the world. What's on your bucket list? What have you always wanted to see? If you're no longer tied to the 9-to-5, you can travel more freely, and avoid those peak times when families with kids are on-the-go. Below are some easy-to-follow vacation ideas for retired people to try this year.

Plan Vacations per Season

Ready to see the world? Now is the perfect time to do this; retiring doesn’t mean you have to stay in just one place. These are our favorite destinations for people of all ages:

  • Florida: Head to Miami Beach during the summer to enjoy nice weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of golf courses. Touted as a retiree paradise, many ideas and activities to enjoy during your vacations in Florida.
  • Arizona: Sedona is the ultimate destination for adventure lovers. Filled with hundreds of miles worth of geological wonderland, this one is a must. Try visiting in the spring or autumn to beat the heat and enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the state.
  • Washington D.C.: From September to November or May, Washington gives you crisp breezes and beautiful days. Don’t miss the museum tours and explore our great nation’s capital.
  • Hawaii: If there’s anything on your travel bucket list, odds are Hawaii is part of it. Now that you’re retired, treat yourself to vacations in paradise.

Explore Your Local Community

Enjoy a walk in the park or a long-distance hike with friends. Activities involving nature will allow you to be aware of your surroundings. You don’t have to go far to feel on vacation. Explore your community and see what it has to offer. Odds are there are countless tourist-approved spots. Play tourist in your city for one day and get to know it better.

Go On a Cruise

One of the best vacation ideas for retired people is to go on a cruise. Not only do you get to see multiple destinations in one trip, but everything is already taken care of. You don’t have to worry about service, food, activities, or even making your bed! If you’re not a fan of mass cruise ships, consider hopping on a river cruise instead. These are generally smaller boats with a more intimate setting and make stops in small towns and big cities.

Retiring is definitely the next step in your life’s adventure. Enjoy this stage in your life planning vacation ideas that make you feel alive, excited, and ready to plan your next adventure.

Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with vacation rental accounting service, Ximplifi.

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