Summer Break Parenting Tips

Summer Break Parenting Tips

The long summer break is on the horizon, but there’s no need to fear! You can avoid bored kids and an endlessly-frustrating summer break by changing up a few parts of your routine. With the end of the school year rapidly approaching (or already here), try out some of these tips to achieve ‘summer sanity’ in your house!

  • Adjust your own work schedule accordingly. Naturally, you simply won’t have as much time to dedicate to your own projects when your kids are at home all day. Try not to go into the summer break expecting to work or study at the same pace as you usually do. Instead, why not embrace the summer break as a time for you to recharge your batteries a little? Your projects won’t know what hit them in the fall!
  • Try not to pander to your kids’ boredom. When you hear the grating screech of “I’m bored!” coming from one of your kids, it can be tempting to schedule all manner of activities in order to keep the boredom at bay. However, organizing too many activities can leave your family feeling drained and stressed out. Summer is a time to slow down. Giving kids the time and space to "be bored" can spark their imaginations and creativity!
  • Organize some alone time. Of course, you want to spend summer break with your kids, but your energy levels can quickly be replenished by a little peace and quiet away from them! Even leaving your kids in the care of grandparents or other caregivers for one night can help you feel much fresher for the rest of the summer break.
  • Plan out your weekly activities. You can even keep this plan somewhere the whole family can see it! This helps add some organization to your weeks and avoids a conversation every morning about what activities will happen that day. Just don’t forget to leave some free days for your kids to learn how to keep themselves busy.
  • Don’t forget to look after yourself too. While you can easily get drawn into spending all of your energy taking care of your kids and making sure they’re entertained, you should also focus on self-care. You will quickly get drained if you don’t. So, carve out some time to read your favorite book, watch your favorite TV series or go on a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Rely on community activities. Don’t feel like you have to solve your kids’ boredom alone! Most communities will offer summer camps, sports camps or even educational classes. Zoos, museums, concerts and festivals could also be fun options. Remember to stay cool and hydrated during outdoor activities in the summer!

As we have touched on, organizing activities over summer is important, but so is downtime. Kids need to learn that sometimes, they will be responsible for keeping themselves entertained at home. 

Keep these tips in mind, and your summers will remain a joy!

Jack Vale is a writer in partnership with designer silverware wholesaler, Silver Superstore.

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