Preparing Kids for School During Summer

Preparing Kids for School During Summer

Summer is the perfect time for kids of all ages to have fun. They can have hikes, play softball, watch movies at night and hang out with friends and neighbors in a more carefree and relaxed way. Still, summer can be a critical time to practice school work and get ahead of the school year. There are many ways they can enjoy the summertime without leaving aside their educational learning. Learn more on some of the best tips for you to practice to prepare your kids for excelling in their new year without sacrificing their fun time.

Use Math in Real-life Scenarios

Math can be a tedious subject for kids and adults. Use real-life activities to introduce math concepts. For example, if you’re planning a road trip, have your kids calculate the time it takes to get to a place based on miles and speed. You can play math bingo or different games that involve math concepts. Search online for activities.

Look for a Hobby

Hobbies can be an incredible opportunity to learn new things. If your child enjoys nature, use it to discuss biology and science. If they enjoy cooking, it could be an excellent idea to incorporate chemistry concepts to cook at night. Even sports can be a great opportunity to learn leadership and commitment. No matter the hobby they enjoy, using it to talk about its educational side is key.

Ask About Their Goals

Do they want to meet new friends or play a new sport? Writing their goals before the beginning of the school year will help them with long-term commitments and look for something outside of their routine. You can add goals to a calendar and set dates. This is a great way to show the importance of planning.

Start Before the First Day

Kids like routine, and during they summer they can get used to sleeping late. Don't wait until the night before school to start earlier bedtimes and shift their internal clocks. Begin waking them up earlier than their usual time a few weeks before school starts, to get them adjusted. Also, try to schedule some early morning activities that they can look forward to having an active start to the day.

Getting ready for the school year during summer will give your kids the advantage they need to excel in this new school year.

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