Our Holiday Gift to You

Our Holiday Gift to You

I'm a mom, and I love my kids. No doubt, you do too. Parenting is that delicate balance of hovering over to keep them safe, and giving them the space to learn and explore new things in the world around them. In the latter, they might get skinned knees or bruised egos. But they will learn from it. 

When it comes to traveling in the car, the stakes are higher. As parents, we have to protect them, no exceptions. When you're traveling at 30, 50 or even 80 miles/hour, we have to do everything we can to maximize their safety in the back seat. Maybe they'll whine.. "it's too tight!", or "I want to face forwards like big sister!" but these are not the times to let them drive the decision making (pun intended). There is no arguing with science, and the data are clear that car seats do an incredible job at protecting our kids. So we should use them correctly, right?

This holiday, we're packaging up a few important tips for checking that your kids are as safe as they can be. These are prompts and ideas that you should check further, and you can find the end-all answers in your car seat or vehicle manuals. 

Download your FREE Printable Car Seat Safety Checklist here:

We hope this helps give you some peace of mind this holiday season... and everyday on the road with your kids!

Happy Holidays,


Becca Davison is the Co-Founder of UnbuckleMe. She is also a nationally certified child passenger safety technician (CPST). Find a CPST near you at safekids.org.

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