Managing Covid within Families

Managing Covid within Families

As the pandemic continues to impact families all around the globe, something that hasn’t become any easier to navigate over recent years is how to avoid contracting Covid-19 with those you live in close quarters with, particularly family. Continue reading as we provide some suggestions that can help you stay healthy even if someone in your household contracts the virus.

Isolate ill family members

To minimize contact with healthy family members, the ill person should try to isolate if possible. If your home has two floors, you can make temporary arrangements so they can live on one of the floors with everyone else on the other floor. Or, you can designate one bedroom and bathroom to the person so that they aren’t contaminating shared areas.  

Sick family members should wear masks when using a shared space like bathrooms or the kitchen if they are unable to fully isolate themselves while they remain contagious.

Wash hands frequently

It’s highly likely that even in efforts to isolate and remain separated, you’ll still need to come into contact with the sick family member, like when you’re passing them food or medications. So, you’ll want to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating or preparing food or after coming into contact with the ill individual so that you can stay healthy and avoid spreading the virus to yourself or others.

Use disinfectants

Again, it’s highly likely that even when one family member has Covid-19, there will still be shared items like cups and utensils used among the family. Plus, common spaces and surfaces like countertops or toilets may need to be used by all members of the household. So, you should frequently clean surfaces and commonly used items with disinfectant sprays or wipes whenever possible, which can help stop the spread of the virus.

What if the parents are ill but the children are not?

There have been many cases throughout the pandemic where the parents contracted the virus while the children did not. In this case, sick parents will want to follow the above guidelines to avoid contact with the healthy children and stay isolated, though they will also need to find a trusted adult to care for the kids while they are recovering.

There are additional scenarios related to this one where all family members are sick, the children have the virus but the parents do not, and a number of other circumstances that families today might find themselves in. Regardless of the situation, families should have a plan in place beforehand for how they will deal with any of these scenarios should they arise.  

How each family will manage a Covid infection in their home will depend on many factors, and will be personalized to their specific needs and home layout. Even still, be aware of the tips listed here, and feel free to do your own research and have discussions with your household to prepare a plan that will help your family stay healthy in the case that one or more members contracts Covid-19.

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with wrought iron door manufacturers, Abby Iron Doors.

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