Arthritis Tips from an OT

Arthritis Tips from an OT

I’m Barb, Co-Founder of UnbuckleMe, Grandma of four, arthritis sufferer and Occupational Therapist (phew, that’s a lot of titles!) My biggest joy with this business (aside from getting to work with my daughter) is reading the customer reviews and hearing how my little invention has made life so much easier for fellow Grandparents! I know it’s made a world of difference for me and my grandkids (hence, why I invented it). 

I have a lot of experience as an OT helping patients gain maximum ABILITY and independence within their disability. I worked with spinal cord patients for many years, and this can present a wide range of challenges with mobility and function. More recently, after realizing my own struggle with arthritis in my hands, I’ve been interested to learn tips and tricks (or “hacks”, as my daughters call them) for managing arthritis in day to day life, especially while caring for my grandkids.

I was glad to partner with the Arthritis Foundation recently to present some of my favorite tips and product recommendations for parents and grandparents with arthritis who spend time with their kids/grandkids. You can watch my presentation here:

I hope it’s helpful to you, let me know what you think, or if you have specific struggles in your day to day life, let me know! Comment below.

Barb Heilman

Co-Founder, UnbuckleMe

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