5 Modern Picnicking Essentials

5 Modern Picnicking Essentials

With Labor Day approaching, picnicking is on the rise. If you haven't made plans for a fun outdoor picnic yet, there’s still some time left while the weather is warm. Take a look at the following list of some of the important items you’ll need to make your next picnic perfect.

1.   Outdoor Blanket

Any good picnic requires a nice and comfortable outdoor blanket. Being weatherproof is the key factor here, because you want to be able to place the blanket in dewy grass or near a lake or stream without the rest of your picnic getting damp.

Look for a blanket that is lightweight and durable, and has a plastic or waterproof backing that can be placed on the ground. There are plenty of fun patterns available for outdoor blankets, so go ahead and search for one that you like most.

2.   Picnic Basket

Additionally, it goes without saying that picnic baskets are still necessary for a modern picnic. While your mind may automatically jump to the classic wicker basket, nowadays there are many more practical options that feature wheels or insulation.

Plus, you may even find some picnic baskets that come with their own plates or cutlery, which can take care of some of the additional elements we’ll discuss later.

3.   Reusable Plates

Unless your picnic basket already comes with them, you’ll need to find some durable, reusable plates to take on picnics. Using paper or plastic plates is not only sore on the eyes, but they’re also not an eco-friendly option.

So, you’ll want to find a good set of reusable plates that are lightweight enough to carry to your picnic location, and durable enough to not get broken on the journey either. Once you’re home, you can pop them in the dishwasher and be ready for your next picnicking adventure.

4.   Reusable Cutlery

Again, if your picnic basket isn’t already equipped with cutlery, you’ll have to find some on your own. Just like we mentioned earlier, any plastic disposable cutlery should be avoided—so seek out a nice set of reusable cutlery instead.

Make sure you have a set of at least two of any spoons, forks, and knives you’ll need on your picnic—or more for any additional picnic attendees.

5.   Shatter-Proof Glasses

Whatever drinks you have planned to bring on your picnic, it’s crucial that you have glasses that are shatter resistant. This doesn’t mean you have to bring along plastic cups that ruin the aesthetic–but you do need to bring glasses that won’t get damaged on the trek to the picnic or during the feast.

Think of stemless silicone wine glasses or ones made out of thick clear plastic, all of which can be washed at home and used again.

Of course, there are many other elements that can make a standard picnic stellar, like a wireless speaker, a portable grill, or even solar string lights for extra ambiance. No matter where you’re headed out for a picnic, don’t forget the essentials and enjoy your meal in the great outdoors!

Written by Bailey Schramm

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