3 Activities for Families at Home during COVID-19

As a Mom (and my mom, as a Grandma), we have felt the stress of COVID-19 this year. My kids are out of school and we haven’t been able to see extended family or friends in too many months. We have found a few products and activities that we are glad to recommend. Check them out and let us know what you think!

1. For 1-12 Mo: Developmental Activity Cards by Curious Baby

Developed by parents along with a team of pediatricians and medical experts (full disclosure: my sister), these helpful playtime activity cards contain 40+ developmentally-stimulating ideas for how to spend quality educational time together from birth to 12 months. They are a great gift idea for new parents at home during quarantine, and a helpful resource for grandparents who are helping out with childcare and need ideas for infant playtime. (Take 25% off this week for their launch sale). 

2. For 2yrs+: STEAM Arts & Crafts Subscription Box: Green Kids Crafts

If your kids are getting restless (read: lovingly driving you crazy), here’s an idea. Green Kids Crafts is a monthly box that comes to your door with 4-8 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) projects for kids ages 2-10 yrs. I love that their company was founded by a Mom and Environmental Scientist who is passionate about encouraging creativity and curiosity in kids from an early age. They’re offering 10% new subscriptions with code GREENSUMMER. Worth checking out.

3. For 3yrs+: The Preschool Box

Whether you are starting back at school or not, here’s a way to bring educational activities into your home. The Preschool Box is a monthly subscription that sends you activities, crafts, and books for fun with your kids. It’s curated by a Kindergarten teacher, and includes new material with focus skills each month. You can do the activities together with your kids, or encourage them to build independence. 

Happy learning!

Becca Davison

Co-Founder, UnbuckleMe

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