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Barbara is a Licensed and Registered Occupational Therapist, who has experience adapting equipment for patients with disabilities of the hand.

After becoming a new grandmother in 2015, she began to help her daughter, Becca, with childcare when Becca returned to work. But she quickly realized that because of arthritis in her thumb, she was unable to push the button of the car seat. As a result, she avoided taking her granddaughter out of the house, which was getting dull for both of them.

She knew there had to be a way to feel more confident and comfortable taking her granddaughter out in the car, so she invented a solution. She used thermoplastic, splint-making material to begin constructing prototypes. When she finally arrived at her favorite design, she happily began to use it on a weekly basis with her granddaughter.

Becca is a working mom in the corporate world, and recognized a broader market opportunity for Barbara’s invention. They have teamed up, and Becca is managing the business side of UnbuckleMe. The product is patent pending, and they are currently navigating the journey from prototype to manufacturing.

They are incredibly grateful for all of the encouragement and support they have received thus far, and are getting closer each day to bringing this product to market. Stay tuned forUnbuckleMe’s launch on Kickstarter in early 2017.

To contact Barbara or Becca, please email info@unbuckleme.com.

Barbara Heilman

Product Design and Development

Becca (Heilman) Davison

Business Management and Marketing


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