Shark Tank was obviously a long time dream for us, and I will cherish that experience for a lifetime. The whole production team is so kind and supportive, and we felt like we were surrounded by cheerleaders (until we met Mr. Wonderful… just kidding, he’s not that bad!)

So what has happened since?? LOTS.

The first thing is that our website crashed the night of the show. I built our website myself, so clearly I will not be pursuing a career in web development anytime soon. I have hired someone who has already started re-vamping and re-building our new website (launching soon!)

The second thing is that our sales have exploded. So. Incredibly. Grateful. That’s all I can say. We’re so excited about all of the people that don’t have to struggle with their kids’ car seat buckles anymore!

The third thing (and lingering challenge) is that our supply chain got a big jolt. Like I said, 2020 has been unusual and we hit the perfect storm of inventory challenges. Our injection tool (in the USA) broke an ejector pin in February and spent 3 weeks in a repair shop. The day it came back, our manufacturer partially closed due to COVID-19. We found out about our Shark Tank air date in April (we honestly didn’t know before then if we would air), and worried that our inventory wasn’t where we wanted it to be. Two weeks before the show aired, I got the call from our manufacturer that due to COVID-19, they had decided to shift their business model and permanently close their injection molding business. Talk about great timing! #panic

Long story short, we are up and running with a new manufacturer closer to home in Texas, and I am micromanaging their production schedule more than they would like. So, if you have read this far and you are still waiting for a backordered color, we apologize and I promise we are working as hard as we can to maintain stock. People say this is a “good problem to have”, but I disagree. Inventory is the thing that keeps me up at night. We do have plans to scale up our capacity with a larger tool, and more to come on that.


We have several big new opportunities in the works that we’re super excited about. One is a Canadian partnership with Clek, a family-run business who makes amazing car seats. They will be selling a brand new WHITE UnbuckleMe with their car seats across Canada, and at many specialty retailers in the USA. We’ve been friends with Clek since the very beginning, and we’re so grateful for their support and partnership. The other opportunities are still in the works, and we will share when we can.

Customer Support

My mom and I run this business ourselves, and we’ve been fortunate to work with capable partners. We have an excellent fulfillment team in Houston, and last month we welcomed a new team member, Sapna Hemnani, to help us out with customer service. We’re lucky to have her, and she’s taking great care of our customers.

Sharing our Story

We have had so much fun talking to fellow entrepreneurs and mentors about our experience on Shark Tank! Here are a few podcasts that we’ve done recently:

In particular, we’ve found lots of Occupational and Physical Therapists who have ideas for products but need some guidance on where to start. To that end, I’m excited to announce a new 2-part LIVE webinar that I co-hosted with Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR on July 22nd and 29th. If you have an idea for a new product business and want to learn how to move it forward, you can download and listen to the replay.

We appreciate you so much and couldn’t do this without you.

Stay safe,

Becca & Barb

Co-Founders, UnbuckleMe

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  1. Shirley Martin says:

    Saw both Barbara & Becca on Shark Tank on an episode aired on Hulu 5/14. I love that these ladies are from Texas! Lived there 30+years, made a lot of $$ as a relocation specialist with a Texas Real Estate license! And it really makes perfect sense that Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner would invest with these smart women. I immediately saw the genius behind this product and I bought 3 to help make my job @WJCC here in Williamsburg much easier!

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