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My Travel Tray Cup Holder Compatibility

We have tested My Travel Tray on many car seats and vehicle seats on the market in the USA and we are confident that it is compatible with the vast majority. That said, we cannot guarantee universal fit, and we want to be up front with our customers about where we don't think it will fit.

Below is a list of car seats and cup holders that we believe are not compatible with My Travel TrayIf you have questions or feel that others should be added to this list, please email

  • Nuna Rava (cup holders too shallow)
  • Chicco NextFit (attachment cup holders tilt)
  • Graco TurboBooster (slight overhang of the seat itself)
  • Evenflo Symphony (cup holders have elastic band that prevents tight fit)
  • Recaro Performance Sport (fabric cup holders, not strong enough) 
  • Chevy Tahoe door cup holders (cup holders are square shaped)

UnbuckleMe Car Seat Buckle Compatibility

We have tested UnbuckleMe on nearly every car seat on the market in the USA and we guarantee that it works on all buckle shapes and styles that are push-down (flat) buttons. This means that the red button is flush with the black casing that surrounds it. It will not work on vertical style pull-down buttons (e.g., some Combi seats or non-US car seats). Some buckle styles will be larger/taller/wider (e.g., MaxiCosi, Evenflo, and some Graco seats). It may help to stretch the neck of UnbuckleMe a bit (it is designed to stretch up to 45 degrees as needed). If you are having trouble, please email us so we can help. 

Note: UnbuckleMe was designed not to attach to the car seat permanently, to ensure that kids cannot unbuckle while the car is moving. Before/after use, we recommend storing in a side pocket of the car, passenger seat-back pocket, front seat visor, or attach to a keychain or diaper bag. We recommend storing out of reach of children.

Clever Elly Vehicle Compatibility

We are temporarily working with the manufacturer on a bug that affects Clever Elly performance in certain vehicles. All units marked as Model: CE-S3 and CE-S3(B) have the bug, and only in certain vehicles, it causes Clever Elly to voice reminders when the car is started, not when the car is turned off (the opposite of how it is designed). The Clever Elly team is working diligently to fix this bug.

The CE-S3 and CE-S3(B) models will work perfectly well with the use of door sensor in the following cars:

  • FORD
  • GMC
  • BMW

If your vehicle is not on this list, go ahead and purchase, but message us and we will make sure to send you a replacement part that is guaranteed to work in your vehicle. Thank you for your patience!


We process and ship orders within 1-2 business days. We will notify customers of any backorders that may increase this processing time. We charge a flat rate of $4 for shipping to the USA, and we are currently offering FREE shipping to our US customers who order $50 or more. We charge a flat rate of $13 for international destinations. We typically ship via USPS.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we have worked hard to design and curate products that we believe our customers will love. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we are happy to accept returns and offer a full refund or replacement.

Note: For My Travel Tray, please be sure that you have removed the optional attachment cup holder that is suctioned to the bottom of My Travel Tray upon arrival. This can be removed by pulling hard or with warm soapy water. This attachment is for larger cup holders and is often not needed for standard cup holders. You will also find a Grippi band that may help secure a tight fit. 

Start the return process here. If you get stuck or have questions, please email


We value your privacy and will never share your personal information with any third-parties. We do add customer email addresses to our mailing list so you can stay informed of product updates and promotions. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. We do not store credit card or other payment information when your order is been placed. We rely on Shopify, Amazon, AfterPay and PayPal to manage your payment methods and information.

Real customers say

UnbuckleMe is the perfect product!

It does exactly what it is supposed to do and has made my life so much easier! With 6 grandchildren under the age of 5, it's a lifesaver! Thank you!

Symone S.

My Travel Tray is the Best Idea!

My boys LOVE IT! They think it’s so cool to have their own “table” in their car seat and this mama is happy with less crumbs on the floor!

Jacklyn B.

I'm thrilled with my UnbuckleMe

This simple little tool has ended my "fear" of child car seats. The buckles are a "nail breaker" and nearly impossible for me to release.

Linda G.

What a life saver!!

This is the best purchase I have made by far. My grandson loves it, because every time I use it he says, go G`Ma you did it. I recommend the UnbuckleMe to everyone who uses a car seat. 

Catherine C.
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