Since Shark Tank, several entrepreneurs have contacted me, who are eager to start down the same path we’ve been on (or some variation, since every path is unique!) I’ve had several phone calls with people looking for tips, or referrals to our manufacturer, or other partners.

One community that has shown particular interest in product development is the therapy community of occupational therapists (like my mom!). This includes physical therapists and speech language pathologists. So, when I was invited by Iris Kimberg, MS, PT, OTR, to co-host a webinar on ‘Bringing a New Product to Market’ for her Therapist community across the country, I thought it sounded like a great way to share what I’ve learned.

We hosted a 2-part series, each 2.5 hours, wow! The time flew by and I realized I had a lot more to share than I had thought. It was great to package it up into a concise offering that you can now download and listen if you’re interested in starting a product-base business. And if you have questions, comment here!

Good luck to you!

Becca Davison

Co-Founder, UnbuckleMe