Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy one?

A: We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2017. Beginning May 1, we will begin taking pre-orders on our website. We are currently manufacturing UnbuckleMe and will begin shipping orders in August 2017. Additional sales channels will be announced in the coming months.

Q: What will UnbuckleMe be made from?

A: The body of UnbuckleMe will be made from lightweight polypropylene, similar to your toothbrush. We will then cover the top part, including the lever arm and the peg, with a soft, “grippy” thermoplastic elastomer to provide greater comfort and stability. All materials will be BPA free. Note: Once we create our tooling, we will be sure to test various materials to make sure everything functions and appears as we expect.

Q: Will UnbuckleMe work on all buckle types?

A: Yes! We initially designed UnbuckleMe to work perfectly on the “square” buckle that is manufactured in the USA by Indiana Mills Manufacturing, Inc. (IMMI). This is the most common buckle type and is used by infant and child car seat manufacturers including Graco, Chicco, Britax, Clek, UPPAbaby, Nuna, Recaro, Diono and many others. However, we recognize that there are several other buckles on the market, and we were not satisfied with the function of UnbuckleMe on these models. We were able to tweak our design slightly so that it now works on all push-button buckle types. We are thrilled that more people can use UnbuckleMe on their car seats!

Q: Where should I keep it?

A: In a convenient place! My mom keeps hers in the side pocket of her car door. But our testers have asked for guidance on where to keep it, so we’ve given it some thought. We have recently updated our design to include a small loop on the back “neck” part, which could be helpful for attaching to a keychain, carabiner or string. This small loop will not interfere with function, and we have included photos on our Kickstarter page, and our blog.

Q: Can I attach it to the car seat?

A: No, we do not recommend this. After-market products are not intended to be attached to a car seat, and it may void your car seat warranty. We have not safety tested car seats with UnbuckleMe attached.

Q: How can I use UnbuckleMe if my thumb hurts and I don’t want to “pinch” the ends?

A: Barbara has arthritis in her thumb and initially designed UnbuckleMe so that no thumbs would be required. If you slide one hand behind to stabilize the base, you can press the lever arm with the palm of your hand to release the buckle. Other testers have cupped one hand around the “neck” of UnbuckleMe to press with the heel of the hand. That said, because UnbuckleMe reduces the force required by so much, my mom can actually press with her arthritic thumb (adding a little pressure with her other thumb) and release it with no pain at all! This is now her preferred method.

Q: Can older children use UnbuckleMe to release themselves?

A: Yes! This was an exciting discovery! Some of our product testers quickly identified this benefit, and gave it to their 4 or 5 year old children who are mature enough to understand how to use it, but lack the strength to unbuckle themselves. One mom said this is a big help, since she is pregnant and tired of climbing over a 3rd row of seats to get all of the kids out. Now, she can hand them UnbuckleMe to release themselves, and then store it back in a safe location when not in use.

Q: Does UnbuckleMe also work on high chairs & strollers?

A: Probably! We have tested UnbuckleMe on a range of push-button high chairs and strollers and it works great. However, these buttons are far less standardized and vary by manufacturer, so we haven’t been able to test them all. If there is a particular one that you struggle with, send us an Email or Facebook message and we will try our best to find it at a retail location and let you know how it works.

Q: What if my child chews it?

A: While UnbuckleMe is not intended to be a child’s toy, it will be manufactured with 100% FDA approved, BPA free materials so will be safe in case a child puts it in his/her mouth.

Q: Where will UnbuckleMe be made?

A: UnbuckleMe will be made in the USA.

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