Coming Soon to a Retailer Near You

We recently attended the ABC Spring Educational Conference in San Antonio, TX. We actually hadn’t planned on attending, but we met some incredible industry contacts & retailers at the Houston Baby Show last month who encouraged us to look into it. Given the optimal location, we decided to go. And we are SO glad we did! It’s a much smaller event than ABC’s Industry Trade Show in Las Vegas, which gave us the opportunity to spend quality time with independent retailers from across the country. We were able to discuss packaging ideas, pricing feedback and learn tips and tricks for navigating the industry. WELL worth our time! … AAND we came home with a folder full of retail purchase orders! We couldn’t be more excited about UnbuckleMe being sold in stores across the country, starting in August. #pumped

Finally, we want to share an email that we received from one of our product testers. This really touches us, and makes us feel that there is really a benefit to all of our hard work here:

The UnbuckleMe has been life changing for me.  I have severe arthritis in my hands and no strength in my right hand due to a shattered elbow.  I watch my 3 year old grandson several days a week.  Our outings used to consist of going from his house to mine, so my husband could get him out of the car seat.  If we were going to get lunch or a treat, it could only be drive thru.  He would beg to go inside to eat or go to the grocery store with me. 
With UnbuckleMe, we can go to restaurants to eat, to the park to play, and shopping at Walmart!
We are going to story hour at the library and checking into gymnastics at the YMCA.  I highly recommend UnbuckleMe to anyone who struggles with unlatching a car seat.  Thank you so much.

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