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Manufacturing: Injection Molding

The tooling for UnbuckleMe is complete. We are receiving injection molded samples every few weeks, and testing each one for function and aesthetics. We are still working through some modifications to ensure that the production process runs smoothly, and that UnbuckleMe works as well as it possibly can. We promise, we’re working as hard and […]

Anatomy Lesson

We originally designed UnbuckleMe to unbuckle the car seat without requiring the use of thumbs. However, since we have started rigorous testing of our latest 3D printed prototypes, we are watching people “pinch” the ends together with one hand, rather than use the “open palm” method that requires no thumbs. In fact, my mom realized that […]

Buckles, Buckles Everywhere

Now that we are neck-deep in our design phase, we are wading through some functional challenges and strategy decisions. Namely, there are lots of buckles on the market! (…before you get excited, none requires less force to unbuckle, and my mom hasn’t found one yet that she can operate painlessly). Of course, we would love to […]

Early Prototypes

Developing a new product is not easy. Or quick. My mom knew the general concept that she wanted to create for UnbuckleMe, but the devil is in the detail. Additionally, orthoplast (used for splint-making) is a highly flexible material and presented design challenges to create a top handle with sufficient rigidity, while also enabling flexibility […]