You did it! We did it! Thank you!!!

I was away from my computer/phone for a few hours last night (a rare event).. and was completely THRILLED when I finally learned that we reached our funding goal! My mom and I are overcome with gratitude and excitement as we approach the future of UnbuckleMe! Thank you X 10 MILLION for your incredible support. We obviously would not be here without you. We believe in our product so much, and it has truly been a game changer for my mom to be able to independently take my daughter out of the house.


For anyone who is not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s not over yet! We still have 16 days to go, and we will be attending 2 big events in the next 2 weeks that should help us reach even more people. We set a STRETCH GOAL at the beginning of our campaign, and we hope you will be excited about it. Currently, we will be delivering UnbuckleMe in a bright, coral red color. BUT, if we are able to hit our stretch goal of $15,000, we will be able to offer COLOR OPTIONS TO EVERYONE! We picked out 2 additional colors that we love– lime green and aqua blue. If we reach this goal, everyone (including everyone who already pledged) will receive a survey after our campaign ends and will be asked to pick their color preferences! If you ordered more than 1 UnbuckleMe, you can select multiple colors for your order. Fun, right?

Word from our Testers

As you know, back in January, we sent out about 30 samples to testers around the country. These weren’t friends or family, but people we have never met. We connected with them mostly through Jamie Grayson (@thebabyguynyc), and for various reasons we thought they would be good candidates. You can read many of their quotes on our campaign page (we sent an anonymous survey to gather feedback), but two of our happy testers went a step further and posted videos on Facebook. You may have seen these on our Facebook page already, but if not, here are two links below. We hope you will be as thrilled as they were when you receive yours!

Video from Tester #1

Video from Tester #2

So, thank you again, keep telling your friends, and let’s see how far we can take this campaign in the next 2 weeks!