How it Works: 3 Easy Steps


Slide the base behind the buckle until the peg is aligned directly over the red button.

Note: If your buckle is the type pictured here, it will “snap” in place. If your buckle is different, you may need to open UnbuckleMe wider to fit around the buckle.


Stabilize the base with fingertips and pinch the ends together.

Note: There are additional ways to press the lever arm, if this method is uncomfortable. See pictures below.

Pull Down

Pull down to release the buckle.

Video Demonstration

Additional ways to press the lever arm

Press with two thumbs

Provides additional stability.

Press with heel of hand

Grip to use with one hand.

Press with palm of hand

No thumbs required!

Keep it handy

We recommended storing UnbuckleMe in an easily accessible location that is out of reach of children. The side door pocket of the car is a great spot.

However, we heard from many of our testers that they wanted a way to attach it to a keychain, or string. We have updated our design to include a small loop on the “neck” of UnbuckleMe, that will not interfere with function. This can make it easier to clip it to the inside of a diaper bag, or hang on a hook inside the house or garage, if this is convenient.


We are always adding to our list of FAQs, so please contact us at if we can tell you more.

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